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Member Profiles

Have a look through some of our members' beautiful, touching and sometimes amusing photo albums. Interested in being included? Write us via our Contact Us link.

Animals and Pets

Sophie the Survivor - View
Enjoy Sophie's journey from her puppy days through her recovery from the accident that changed her life forever.

Beagle Joy - View
Follow the lives of lovable household personalities Snuggles and Brando, two fun loving Beagles.

Living Among Dolphins - View
Pics of a dream life on the Island of Maui, Hawaii.

Wildlife - View
A beautiful collection of wildlife photographs.

Art and Artists

The Colour of Life - View
View the personal photo sharing account of an Italian painter with a current exposition in the lobby of the United Nations Secretary building, New York.

Mixed Media Figurative Sculptures - View
From portrait sculpture to fantasy characters; from polymer clay to fabrics, artist and teacher Kat Bunker shows the fun she has.

Mother and Daughter Painters - View
Watercolor and acrylic on canvas, birdhouses and plates. They even lend their decorative paintings to Christmas crafts.

Handmade Dolls of Inspiration - View
These images display intricate and expressive dolls that also represent various aspects of history.

Double take Dolls - View
These baby dolls are crafted with such detail that photos of them come out looking like baby pictures.

Asian Multimedia Art - View
Rubber-stamping, collage and a variety of other mediums are explored through this collection of Asian art.

The Creation of Art Dolls - View
Doll artist Charie Wilson brings personalities to cloth, paperclay and paper machie.

Paper and Cloth Transformed - View
Tea bag folding, stitched cards, delicate mixed media art and even CD stitching festively displayed to inspire the craft-minded.

Handmade Magic - View
Enter the world of handmade dolls by this fine artisan and perhaps buy one for someone special.

Ginny Doll World - View
Come see this enchanting world of dolls and basket weaving.

Master Crafts - View
PictureTrail hosts albums of numerous crafts aficionados. This member is as much an artist as a craftsperson.

A Miniature Perspective - View
Everything comes up dainty in these albums of wonderfully handcrafted miniatures.

Quilts, Quilting and Mo Quilts - View
We're pleased to showcase the fine and wide ranging quilt work by this PictureTrail member.

The Bead Comber - View
A bead shop displays some wonderful examples of bead work. A must see for the bead enthusiast.

Hand-crafted Porcelain  - View
You'll be wowed by these beautiful creations.

Art Central - View
Artist Sue Burne has added more photos of her pyrography, glass engraving, sugar crafts, calligraphy and more.


Studio Photographer - View
This studio photographer teams with a makeup artist for on-location candid shoots for family or children portraits, glamour sessions, events shoots and maternity portraits.

From Micro to Macro - View
Photos of everything from a peeping through a keyhole to sweeping views of coastal sunsets this photographer has a keen eye.

From Nature to Portraits - View
From Bugs to Sunsets, Portraits to Water, this photographer truly has a unique and gifted eye.

Southern California - View
Danny Jaco's galleries hold great professional shots of some of the reasons why Southern Californians love where they live.

Every Corner of the Planet - View
Underwater photography of beautiful and bizarre ocean life, as well as some amazing travel pictures from every corner of the world.

Photographer Showcase - View
Butterflies, waterfalls & other nature shots.

Nature's Paparazzi - View
Take your time and enjoy the 100s of photos from this great nature photographer.

Getting the right shot - View
In this member's words, "I just go out and hunt for things. The more natural the shot the better."

Under the Deep Blue Sea - View
These are some wonderful albums to view. Underwater photography at its best.

LeGary Photography - View
Professional photographer Patty LeGary opens up her personal and professional galleries for us to enjoy.

Wedding Photographer - View
In the mood for love and a wonderful wedding? Emil is the man to capture these memories on film.

Beauty Captured - View
When PictureTrail hosted a photo contest, RBeattie was one of our regular contributors and was selected quite often! Now you can enjoy all his work.



Travel and Adventure

A Kaleidoscopic World - View
Cunning photography from vacations taken around the world, from Italy to Thailand, from Switzerland to Austrailia.

From Paris to Graceland - View
Europe, US and Asia are the backdrops for this in depth study of the world's cultures, diverse even within the borders of America.

Roads Less Traveled - View
Travel with this PictureTrail member on an African Safari and to the Hill Lands of Thailand and more.

Take a Trip Around the World - View
Great photos of Trafalger Square, the Sydney Opera House and many other destinations between.

Blast From The Past - View
Thornton-le-Dale is often described as one of the prettiest villages in North Yorkshire.

Honeymoon In Austria - View
This PictureTrail member has been with us since our early days. Recent photos include honeymoon pics in Austria. (Look for the stuffed walrus!)

Wooden Shoes and Windmills - View
There's more to the Netherlands than wooden shoes, windmills and cheese. Come visit this beautiful country in northern Europe.

Panoramic Holland - View
Panoramic photographs can be quite difficult to create. This account is loaded with beautiful and most amazing panoramic views of Holland.

World Traveler - View
If you've traveled around the world, these albums may bring back memories. Or if you're planning to, these images will surely hasten your desire to go out and buy that plane ticket.

Bringing Hope Abroad - View
This member travels to the more impoverished areas of the world bringing help, hope & love.

Traveling the World - View
Take a vacation to Fiji, or a trip to London or Holland, or a simple holiday to a horse ranch in Katikati.

Exotic Thailand - View
Bring a little bit of Thailand home with you through these beautiful photographs.

World According to Hitty - View
My name is Hitty Lotzalove Sevashteen. I live with Andrew in San Francisco. He loves to travel. And because I can slip neatly into a pocket (I am 6 1/4" tall), he takes me along.

Carnival of Cultures - View
This member has captured the grace and beauty of Ottawa's Carnival of Cultures and other cultural festivals. Don't miss the Esmeraldas pics.

Celebrations and Events

If These Walls Could Sing - View
This is a story (in pic form) of a church that once was, but will forever remain in the hearts of its community.

Visit Byrdlady's Garden - View
Take a trip through four seasons of beauty to see perennials and creatures of nature all living together in a wildlife habitat.

Fun For a Good Cause - View
These shots of MS Society of Canada golf tournament benefits put the fun in fundraising. Check out the Healing Garden album which is last but not least.

Wedding Floral Preservation - View
This member is a genius at preserving floral arrangements. Take a look at before and after.

The Way We Were - View
Born is 1928, this member has created, among many albums, a way for other people born in 1928 to share their pictures and get to know each other.

Favorite Things - View
Butterflies & Roses and Hot Air Balloons, Garden Aquariums and Far Away Places; these are a few of my favorite things.

Haunted Highlands - View
The history and present day "ghost" stories surrounding this 250+ year old house will send shivers down your spine.

A Season of Nature's Magic - View
A wonderfully diverse set of images including a stunning tribute to New York City.

Harness Racer - View
Get a close up view of the world of harness racing, as well as several other fine albums.

Family and Friends

The Fifties in West Virginia - View
Images of the fifties in Welch, WV. Many memories in the hearts and minds of the people that lived there.

Have a Ball with Bev - View
From funny faces to "ugly pants", discover a world of beauty and humor in a home unlike any other.

A Lifetime of Memories - View
A collection of personal and family pictures.

Family History - View
For those who love family trees, this album is for you. Some of these pictures go back to the 1800s.

The Mini Family - View
Among these wonderful albums lies a touching tribute to a great lady, Rosa.

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