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Fun Fotos From Far-Flung Places

The number of albums has grown with the number of trips we've made. Check out the new ones, taken during and from trips that started in Portugal, turned east to Poland, zoomed north to Norway and settled down in Berlin. I'd enjoy hearing what you think of them. Or some of them. A few of them, maybe? 
Peace Corps, RFE4
33 photos - Our Gang
New Mexico
33 photos - Images from Santa Fe and Taos, NM
San Francisco
20 photos - SF views and Japanese Garden
Two Weeks in Florida
27 photos - Sharon's birthday! Family celebrated
16 photos - it was John's 75th birthday, and . . .
17 photos - Sharon's birthday up north in Cambria, CA.
The Journey Begins
21 photos - Gone to Europe. Landed in Germany.
Dirlam-McCafferty Clan
18 photos - "The Way We Were"
Portugal and Mt. St. Michel
26 photos - Oh, it's about the size of your computer screen, in color . . . and so on.
Bruges, Belgium, and Cologne, Germany
26 photos -
Berlin and Norway
33 photos -
My Favorite Fotos
20 photos -
40 photos - JM and SD on the Road
Colors of India
23 photos - Around the tourist route of northern India
Colorado, Wyoming, Stuff
14 photos - Around the West in about 4,200 miles.
50 photos - Two and a half weeks in an interesting land
Interesting Faces
17 photos -
40 photos - Indescribable
McCafferty-Dirlams, Christmas 2008
46 photos - They flew in from all over for a big family reunion in Santa Barbara. GREAT fun!